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Preoperative Information

Instructions before surgery:

  • Aspirin therapy may be continued unless specifically instructed otherwise. 

  • If you are taking any other blood thinners you must notify your surgeon.

  • All pills and medications need to be continued regularly.

  • Advice regarding use of routine eye drops will be given by the surgeon.

  • Please bring your ECG and blood tests results unless instructed otherwise.

  • Please bring a medical summary letter from your family physician.

You will be given a prescription to purchase 2-3 different types of eye drops.
Please bring them with you on the day of surgery.

On the day of surgery:

There is no need to fast unless the operation is under general anesthesia. We recommend that you have a light meal on the day of surgery. Please wear comfortable clothing and do not apply make-up. We ask that you be accompanied by a friend or relative who will be able to drive you to the medical center and back. If you are unable to arrange for transport, we can help make alternative arrangements.

Dilating drops will be administered approximately 30 minutes before surgery.

Cataract procedures will take approximately 2.5 hours: surgery time is about 20 minutes, and admission and discharge require two hours.

Retina surgery requires about three hours: 75 minutes for surgery and two hours for admission and discharge.

What to expect after surgery?

Usually the recovery is comfortable, but you may take an analgesic if needed.

For the first two weeks following surgery you may notice an itchy or prickly sensation. Don’t be alarmed. This feeling will diminish.

Post operative care:

Following surgery, please put one drop of each bottle 4 times a day in the operated eye. Remember to wash your hands and shake the bottles before use. There is no specific order in which you need to instill the drops, just make sure that the drops are put in 5 minutes apart.

Example of a time table for treatment with drops:



Following surgery:

  • Do not swim.

  • Do not rub the eye.

  • Do not apply make-up.

  • Do not get any water or soap in your eye when washing.

  • Do not lift relatively heavy objects.

  • Avoid areas with dirt or dust.

Patients following retina surgery with gas are restricted from:

  • Going up or down in altitude above 350 meters.

Eye protection:

  • The eye will be shielded after surgery.

  • Following removal of the patch you do not need to shield the eye.

Answers to common questions:

1. When will I be able to drive?

Do not drive following surgery until your first postoperative examination.

Further instructions will be given by the surgeon.

2. When can I get new glasses?
Permanent prescription for glasses may be obtained about 6 weeks following cataract surgery and 6 - 8 weeks following retina surgery.

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